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The story

The Commercial and Business Association of Catanduva

Founded on August 10, 1930, ACE was the result of the efforts of a group of entrepreneurs in the search for an entity that would represent the interests of the business class in the municipality.

At first, the work was hard. With the passage of time, the difficulties were overcome and the objectives achieved, as a result of the effort and commitment of men who aimed at the development and socioeconomic progress of Catanduva.

New entrepreneurs joined. The challenges and goals became increasingly daring. And so, ACE established itself in the municipality as a synonym of reliability, respect, participation and support for the most important decisions not only of the private sector, but also of the public sphere.

In this spirit of permanent struggle, of recognition by force of the individual contribution to the collective interest, which sustains associativism.

Currently, the Association continues tirelessly in the fulfillment of what it assumed as a duty, which is to work for the construction of a prosperous future for Catanduva and for all the children of this land.

To access the statute, please contact ACE.