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Municipal Health Council

Its mission is to act in the development of actions related to the Municipality’s health policy, calling meetings when necessary, with a view to the integration of the Municipal Administration and the community.

Council for Business and Industrial Development of Catanduva and Prodeica

Its objective is to encourage the installation and expansion of industries in the Municipality, mainly promoting Industrial Parks, standing out as a partner of the entrepreneur already established or intending to start a new business in the Municipality.

Municipal Council for Urban Development (COMDU)

Trata de assuntos relacionados à política urbana, meio ambiente e habitação. É de competência dos conselheiros o acompanhamento do Plano Diretor, acompanhamento na execução de planos e projetos de interesse do desenvolvimento urbano, a análise de projetos de lei de interesse de política urbana.

Catanduva Rural Development Council

It is a body that has the function of promoting the integration of the rural community, for the agricultural development and the primary production sector.

Secretary of Development, Employment and Labor Relations (Sendert)

It is responsible for carrying out a survey of information necessary for the development of projects and programs aimed at economic development and the generation of employment and income.

Heritage, Historical, Artistic and Cultural Defense Council (Comdephact)

It is responsible for presenting measures for the preservation, conservation, restoration and revaluation of units of historical, artistic, cultural and tourist interest, in addition to maintaining the community’s awareness of the value of its most expressive productions over time.

Municipal Council for the Environment (COMMA)

It deals with issues related to the preservation, conservation, defense, recovery and improvement of the natural environment, built or reconstructed, throughout the territory of the Municipality of Catanduva.

Catanduva Entrepreneur Service Center (PAE)

The objective is to increase the scope of services provided to entrepreneurs, providing entrepreneurs with technical and managerial information.