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ACE Catanduva turns 92 this Wednesday

ACE is one of the oldest institutions in the city, founded in 1930, with the purpose of promoting economic development.

Catanduva, August 9, 2022 – The Commercial and Business Association of Catanduva (ACE) completes this Wednesday, August 10, 92 years of its foundation. Covering the municipalities of Ariranha, Borborema, Cajobi, Catanduva, Catiguá, Elisiário, Embaúba, Fernando Prestes, Ibirá, Irapuã, Itajobi, Marapoama, Monte Azul Paulista, Novais, Novo Horizonte, Palmares Paulista, Paraíso, Pindorama, Pirangi, Potirendaba, Sales, Santa Adélia, Tabapuã, Urupês and Vista Alegre do Alto, the association has approximately 300 members – companies in the industrial, commercial and service sectors.

ACE is one of the oldest institutions in the city, founded in 1930, with the purpose of promoting economic and social development, promoting integration between entrepreneurs, public bodies and the community, representing, guiding and defending the business interests of the industry. , agro-industry, commerce and services, with solutions to stimulate continuous and sustainable growth in Catanduva and the region.

Great businessmen, prominent names in Catanduva held the position of president of ACE, during these 92 years.

Currently, the board is composed of Marcos Escobar, in the presidency, Vice – President: Marcelo May Spina; 1st Secretary: Romualdo Veronese Alves; 2nd Secretary: Fábio Rinaldi Manzano, 1st Treasurer: Emerson Luis Travagini Duran and 2nd Treasurer: Christian Pardo Pizarro.

The association also maintains advisory and tax councils and has recently launched the Foreign Trade (NACE), Technology and Innovation (NATECHI) and the Legal and Tax Planning (NAJUD) centers. New cores are also planned.

“It’s been 92 years of a lot of dedication and effort and our future is bright. The Association has several projects, several events still for 2022”, says Marcos Escobar.

At the end of July, ACE held the NAENERGIA event, which brought together more than 160 entrepreneurs from the northwest region and the capital of São Paulo to discuss the free energy market. The event had a partnership with multinationals in the sector and focused on demonstrating the region’s energy potential – whether in sustainable energy production or consumption and the possibility of migrating to the free market with lower costs for companies than what is paid in the regulated energy market. It was a full day of lectures with renowned experts and networking of participants.

A success last year, the association is already organizing the second edition of the NACE Meeting on Foreign Trade. Event aimed at exporting companies or those wishing to invest in the international market.

The 2nd NACE Meeting is scheduled for October.